6 Content Tips for Your Next Monthly Membership E-Newsletter

What do you find most enjoyable about opening a membership e-newsletter? E-newsletters are a form of e-mail marketing that is delivered right to your member’s inbox or can be downloaded from your website. Here are six content ideas for member e-newsletters to ensure your copy adds value to members and their membership experience.

Don’t forget social sharing buttons so members can share the newsletter content to their social network!

Showcase advocacy, advancements, discussions, research, and highlights from your field or organization be it global heath, museums, animal welfare, or disease research. Highlighting developments allows members to connect with on-going advancements and allows members be better connected to the cause both at home and globally.

Member Benefits
Share existing or updated member benefits in e-newsletters to keep members abreast of their membership options. Be sure to include information about what makes each membership type distinct, and how a membership can benefit the supporter and organization.

Member Events/Programs
One of the most important items to ensure your membership e-newsletter contains is information on member events and programs! Do members receive discounts on events or programs? Tell them here! Does your website feature a members-only area with digital content and extras? Tell them here! Include reasons why members would want to take part in these events and programs, why it is worth their time, and how it will support your organization. Don’t forget to include links to members-only events and program registration.

Member Spotlights
Membership e-newsletters are the perfect place to announce new members to your existing member community. Spotlight sections also allows members the opportunity to connect with and to get inspired by new members. Together, new and existing members can support and elevate an organization’s mission and vision.

Announce partnerships in membership e-newsletters so members can receive information about new campaigns that they can support or connections they may find interesting. Your members may take it upon themselves to spread the word or offer financial support to a related partnership. Partnerships also show members how they can take immediate action to help your organization or related cause on the county, state, or national level.

A resources section in a membership e-newsletter helps members take stock of current organization or cause-related information. Resources should be aimed at educating members and/or those who may be close or work with your members. With new resources featured every month, members can continue to become better educated about your cause or organization and be more prepared to help raise awareness with further action.

And there you have it! Remember that the frequency of a member e-newsletter depends on your organization’s resources and how much time staff can devote to newsletter creation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, begin with a quarterly e-newsletter that it e-mailed every winter, spring, summer, and fall. At the end of the year, assess your e-newsletter subscription based on your member counts, your member events/programs, membership changes, and value received from your previous e-newsletter efforts.

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