4 Targets For Your Next Social Media Campaign

At White Deer Marketing, we believe that a successful social media campaign is a campaign that aligns with your brand/voice, educates, connects, and engages. Keep in mind, however, that these targets are only the beginning of what a social media campaign can include.

Confused about where to start? If you want to focus on one aspect with your first social media campaign, that’s perfectly all right! Before you even know it, you’ll be creating a social media campaign that includes all four targets and more.

Below are four targets for your next social media campaign.

Target: Brand/Voice
Consider your social media brand/voice when deciding on aspects of your social media campaign. Are you on social media to educate your audience? If your brand was a person, what kind of personality would it have? For example, if you’re on social media to educate, consider adding an educational angle to your social media campaign. If your brand’s personality is friendly or professional, consider a friendly/professional target to your campaign.

Target: Education
A successful social media campaign educates and expands the mind of the audience. An educational social media campaign allows your audience access to a variety of facts, information, names, products, services, dates, people, and company or organization history that might not otherwise be available. Educational campaigns also connect your business or organization with new users that find your products helpful or your mission important. Additionally, educational campaigns connect your company/organization and your audience with other users that share similar interests or passions.

Target: Direct/Personal
A personal social media campaign connects with your customers, audience, or supporters on a personal, intimate level. For example, ask your followers or supporters on social media to share their direct experiences they have had with your company or organization; ask them why they personally support your organization or cause.

One benefit of a personal social media campaign is that it can improve your company or organization’s customer reach on social media – if a campaign is direct with your customers or supporters, your audience will feel comfortable asking questions, sharing opinions, or declaring support.

A personal social media campaign can also connect your company or organization with others who could benefit from a service, program, or product you provide.

Target: Engagement
If you know your audience persona, you will know what they will find engaging on your social media platform during your social media campaign. However, to encourage even more engagement it’s also useful to utilize user-generated content in your social media campaigns as a way to appeal to all of your company or organization’s audience personas.  Additionally, user-generated content encourages members of your audience to share something of his or her own that in turn drives engagement, and boosts campaign and brand awareness.

Happy campaigning!

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