Work With Me

Our services currently include:

Blog Review + Report
I review your blog and write a report that includes tips and guidelines to help you drive traffic to your website, convert traffic into leads, establish topic authority, and help drive long-term company or organization goals – all from your blog!

Business Blogging (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly)
Need a specific blog post such as a how-to, tutorial, or list? I’ve got you covered! A consistent blog can establish leadership, increase website traffic, and brand awareness. All of my blog posts utilize topic/content research, appropriate blog  formatting, calls-to-action, blog promotion, blog analytics, and SEO. 

Content Marketing Strategy
A content marketing strategy is critical for developing the story you want your organization or business to tell. In this service, I create your content marketing strategy that utilizes your company or organization’s mission, goals, brand/voice, audience, and distribution channels. The content strategy consists of seven sections: content goals, persona research, a content audit, a content management system, two personalized lists of content types and ideas tailored for your business or organization, and a content calendar. 

Content Calendar Set-Up
Need to take control of your organizational content? I’ll create a content calendar that includes sections on when and where to post content, how to plan ahead for content deadlines, and a personalized list of content ideas.

Email Marketing Campaigns 
A good email can drive action. In this service, I help you create a targeted email marketing campaign or e-mail. From a welcome e-mail to a fundraising e-mail to a product e-mail, this service covers many e-mail campaigns and types. This service is also best for individuals needing help with e-mail template creation, CTA creation, e-mail list management/segmentation, e-mail analytics/reporting, and e-mail integration with social media platforms. Need a specific e-mail or campaign? Just ask!

Newsletters offer your readers value and build relationships! In this service, I’ll help you create a newsletter plan-of-action and an e-newsletter that is creative, engaging, and in mind with your company’s goals or organization’s mission. This service is also for clients that need personalized e-newsletter copy and creation for company newsletters, consumer newsletters, member newsletters, donor newsletters, or a weekly/monthly e-newsletter creation service. You’ll have a new e-newsletter whenever you need it!

Email Campaign/E-Newsletter Review + Report
Have an existing newsletter e-mail campaign or e-newsletter that might need some tweaking? I’ll review your current e-mail campaign/e-newsletter content, analytics, and metrics and write a report with tips and guidelines about how you can create a more effective inbox experience.

Marketing Plan
A good marketing plan is aligned with your business goals and focuses on winning and keeping customers or an audience. In this service, I create your business’ or organization’s marketing plan that will spell out all of the tools, goals, and tactics you’ll use to achieve your marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing Plan
In this service, I create your social media marketing strategy! The strategy consists of six sections: social media objectives/goals, a social media audit, creating or improving social media platforms, sourcing personalized social media inspiration, creating a social media calendar, and guidelines to test, evaluate, and adjust your social media marketing strategy. 

Social Media Editorial Calendar Set-Up
Planning to publish lots of useful social content across various platforms? I’ll create a social media calendar so you can easily know when and where to post content, research what content resonates most with your audience, help you create/source content, plan ahead for social media deadlines with quality content, and take control of your social media content!

Social Media Platform Set-Up
Need help creating an Instagram account or Facebook page? In this service, I will create and configure your company or organization profile on a social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter.

Social Media Platform Review + Report
In this service, I perform an evaluation of an existing social media platform. This service comes in three parts. First, a characteristics report that includes how you currently use the platform. Second, a content report on social media copy, profile, links, bio and tags. Third, an effectiveness report that offers profile suggestions, content/copy strategies, posting strategies, and hashtag suggestions that you can implement for success.

Social Media Management + Analytics
This service is for anyone that needs assistance analyzing, advertizing, writing, commenting, posting, or managing social media platforms. Platforms included in this service are: Craigslist, Facebook/Facebook Ads/Insights, Pinterest, Google+, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Instagram/Instagram Ads, Tumblr, or Twitter/Twitter Promotions.